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Qmuzik technologies

Qmuzik Technologies is a cutting-edge software solutions crafting company that offers focused, functional and efficient business programs. These world class products enable our clients to turn Information Technology into a competitive advantage they can rely on for years with low lifecycle cost, rapid deployment and maximum organisational fit.

The company’s expertise spans many industries over many years, which means our clients are able to find exactly what they need for any project or business venture.

Rapidly build quality custom solutions with ease.

Keep Up-To-Date On Ever Evolving Requirements

We offer a combined set of solutions that is both functionally rich and vertically integrated. Our power lies in the latest technologies, which we implement with methodologies to give you an end product tailor made for your needs.

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Qmuzik is part of Vela Group

Vela Software is a subsidiary of Constellation Software, a TSX-listed publicly traded company. Constellation Software operates in over 100 countries and dozens of verticals. Constellation Software has completed over 500 acquisitions of small, medium and large private and public companies since its inception in 1995.

Adriaan Voges

Executive Manager for ERP


Dineo Molapo

Finance Manager


Benny Chisonga

Executive General Manager


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